According to the 2019 Benchmarking report by the Urgent Care Association (UCA), there were a total of 9616 medical and urgent care centers in the US. Urgent care centers play an increasingly vital role in the continuum of medical care, availing services to a wide array of patients who cannot access a primary care physician. With an overwhelming number of options available, it may be difficult to pick the right facility in LaFollette.

Here are five factors to keep in mind when choosing a medical and urgent care facility.

1. Services Provided

You may need to find an urgent care facility tailored to your family’s needs. A quick check online can reveal the different medical conditions treated and services offered. Most clinics will provide primary care services in addition to treating non-threatening injuries. You may also access specialized services such as ortho evaluations and sports medicine.

2. Certified Physicians

You may need to find out the type of medical practitioner that will attend to you. 75% of medical and urgent care facilities have a family practice specialist on staff, with 47% having an emergency medicine specialist. You may also find doctors, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, X-ray Technologists, and therapists in the medical and urgent care setting. Some states allow RNs and Pas to run autonomously without any supervision from a physician. The medical staff to attend to you should be qualified and board-certified.

3. Medical Costs And Insurance

You may need to figure out the cost of treatment at the urgent care facility in LaFollette, TN. There’s no need to go into a walk-in clinic and come out with an ER-sized medical bill. A typical trip to a medical and urgent care facility is 40-50% cheaper than going to an ER.

Your insurance cover may help offset some of the costs. The UCA estimates that 58% of their members accept Medicaid. To avoid high out-of-pocket expenses, pick out a clinic that accepts your insurance plan. You can request your insurance provider for a list of in-network urgent care centers in LaFollette.

4. Appointment Booking and Average Wait Time

The allure of an urgent care center over an ER lies in the time convenience. The typical ER wait time is 2.4 hours on a national average. The 2019 benchmarking report by UCA also shows that 90% of their members have a wait time of fewer than 30 minutes, with a further 57% having less than a quarter of an hour. Inquire about their average wait time.

Most medical and urgent care clinics operate as walk-in establishments, requiring no prior appointments. You may opt to serve a spot within a specific period through their online check-in systems.

5. Accreditation

The Urgent Care Association and the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine provide strict guidelines that their members need to observe. The standards may cover certain criteria such as operational hours, multiple examination rooms, lab and X-ray services, a practicing physician as the medical director, and many more. Opting for an accredited facility can guarantee you quality services.

Urgent care facilities are an excellent alternative to taking a trip to the ER, offering faster and more affordable services. Are you searching for a medical and urgent care clinic in LaFollette, TN? Visit us at Jacksboro Urgent Care.