Emergencies can happen at any time, but winter sees people rushing to the urgent care unit more frequently than during other seasons.

Surprisingly, it’s not the older people seeking urgent medical help the most, but those aged 40 and younger. In fact, people between the ages of 31 and 40 account for the most urgent care claims, according to HealthPayerIntelligence. That means they make up 18% of claims that follow trips to urgent care centers.

But regardless of age, there are some overwhelmingly popular reasons for urgent care visits. Here are five causes of urgent care visits during the wintertime that are reported most commonly by urgent care centers.


Fevers are a lot more common than some folks think. When temperatures reach 103 degrees Fahrenheit (or 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit for infants), the situation can turn dangerous. As such, it comes as no surprise that parents will hurry to the urgent care unit when they or their children start running a high fever.


Influenza cases during the winter are certainly not unexpected for urgent care centers, but they remain serious and should not be taken lightly. During the last couple of years, more people have learned to take ailments like the flu more seriously. And while influenza cases saw new lows during 2020, we’re starting to see more patients with the flu in 2022.


Coughs are symptoms of many serious illnesses, so people tend to be more careful with them. Although quite common in wintertime, coughs can indicate pneumonia or bronchitis, in which case it’s best to see a doctor as quickly as possible to start treatment and rule out more serious causes.

Slips and Falls

Accidents certainly happen all the time, but thanks to snowy conditions, urgent care centers see more fall-related injuries during the cold season. Even light precipitation can lead to slips and falls, requiring a visit to an urgent care center. In an area that doesn’t get a lot of snow and ice, residents might be more likely to experience injuries due to a lack of experience traveling under these conditions.

Sport-Related Injuries

Sports injuries can be serious, so it comes as no surprise that these injuries account for many urgent care unit visits. Bad weather can lead to many dangerous situations, while sports that center around ice or snow are often more likely to lead to major injury.

The need for an urgent care visit can be alarming, but these centers can provide the on-demand care that you and your loved ones need. For more information about the illnesses and ailments we can treat, please contact us today.